Double - temperature cold room needs regular maintenance
 Oct 28, 2019|View:714

In the use process of double-temperature cold storage after installation, due to the food itself and external conditions, the cold storage needs regular maintenance. Changzhou crescent complete set of cold storage equipment co., LTD will introduce the method of demildew and sterilization after installation of the cold storage:

1. Demildew sterilization and disinfection of cold storage equipment

Large cold storage refrigerated cooking materials and food have a certain amount of fat, protein and starch.The presence of these nutrients causes mold and bacteria to multiply and grow.In order to do a good job of sanitation management of cold library and ensure the quality of refrigerated food and cooking materials, it is necessary to conduct sanitation disinfection of cold library regularly.Of freezer kill mildew kill mildew and disinfection, can use acid kind disinfectant first.The bactericidal function of acid disinfectants is mainly to solidify the protein in bacteria.The disinfectant that often has lactic acid, peroxy already acid, bleach, formalin to wait.

2. Causes of peculiar smell in the construction of cold storage

The so-called peculiar smell, that is, the cooking materials and food in the cold storage under the influence of external factors, through physical and chemical changes, produce an abnormal smell, over time, this smell adhere to the cold storage wall, ceiling and equipment and tools.