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Shell and tube heat exchanger
 Nov 10, 2023|View:511

As a special iS backup pressure vessel product, the shell and tube heat exchanger is equipped with a special equipment manufacturing license issued by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to ensure users' peace of mind. It strictly follows the requirements of the license for material selection, manufacturing, and factory inspection. The current series of products include shell and tube water condensers, seawater type water condensers, straight tube (U-shaped) single and double machine dry evaporators, and liquid separators. The heat exchange capacity ranges from 8.3KW to 397.8KW and is suitable for various refrigerants such as R134a, R404A, R507A, R407C, and R22.

Main Features of the Product

- Strict compliance with the "Pressure Vessels for Refrigeration Equipment" in production and acceptance to ensure product quality.

- Utilization of high-efficiency external threaded copper tubes for high heat exchange efficiency, compact size, and lightweight.

- Leakage test conducted at 2.4MPa pressure to guarantee the product's factory quality.

- Pressure vessels equipped with "safety fusible plugs" that automatically melt and reduce pressure when the liquid temperature in the shell reaches a certain level, ensuring safety.

- The condenser's end caps are equipped with drainage devices to prevent water accumulation and freezing of the tube bundle due to low environmental temperatures in winter.

Application Range

- Refrigeration industry, cold storage engineering

- Agriculture, food, hotels, chemical industry

- Supporting central air conditioning main equipment


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