Notes for compressor oil
 Oct 31, 2019|View:225

Each refrigerating product has its own operation notice, if the operation is not appropriate there will be accident, today small series for you to explain the compressor oil operation notice.

1, air compressor oil is absolutely not allowed to be used on oxygen and chlorine compressor, otherwise there will be an explosion.

2. Before refueling or changing oil after maintenance of new machine and old machine, it is necessary to clean the lubricating oil pipeline and oil tank without remaining oil stains and impurities, especially such as metal cleaning agent.

When refueling, the compressor oil will be filtered through three levels according to the specified amount of oil into the oil tank, recycling use.

3, strictly control the appropriate amount of oil, should be guaranteed under the premise of lubrication and cooling to reduce as far as possible.Excessive amount of oil, will increase the accumulation of carbon in the cylinder, so that the valve is not tightly closed, compression efficiency decline, even cause an explosion, and waste of lubricating oil;Too little oil, lubrication and cooling effect is not good, resulting in compressor overheating, increase mechanical wear.

4. Strictly control the inlet temperature.High intake temperature, will cause high exhaust temperature, will accelerate the formation of carbon deposition.Carbon deposits in the exhaust valve and exhaust pipe should be cleaned regularly.

5, the use of oil should be based on the structure of the compressor, compression medium, operating conditions, lubrication and lubricating oil quality, refer to the oil replacement index timely replacement of new oil, so as not to damage the equipment.

6, in the process of storage, transportation, storage and use, do not mix water and other impurities (especially active metal, fuel oil, emulsion, etc.), so as not to affect the quality of oil;Best indoor storage, strictly prohibit sun and rain.

7. When used in dusty places, the air should be filtered clean to avoid dust entering the compressor.

8. Do not mix with other oils.

Full loss system oil (mechanical oil) is not suitable for compressor circulation lubrication system.

10, in the premise of ensuring lubrication, the choice of viscosity brand smaller oil is appropriate.

11. Main causes of carbon deposition:

Exhaust temperature is too high.

Improper oil selection, such as excessive viscosity, poor quality and so on.

Too much oil.

Compressed gas is not safe.

The load of the air compressor obviously affects the formation of carbon deposit. When the air compressor runs under half load for a long time, it generates more carbon deposit than when it runs under full load.

The oil is mixed with impurities and water (which accelerates aging at high temperatures).

Pipeline scaling, corrosion, etc.