Seven Key Points For Enterprises To Pay Attention To In Building Industrial Cold Room
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Seven Key Points For Enterprises To Pay Attention To In Building Industrial Cold Room

Many domestic e-commerce enterprises have been struggling with whether to build their own logistics. When JD and other e-commerce self built logistics become a major advantage of enterprises, many enterprises will also have a reference. However, for the enterprises involved in fresh e-commerce and traditional food, there are still too many lessons to be supplemented in self built logistics, the most important of which is the construction cost of industrial cold room, as well as the types of industrial cold room and various aspects of equipment selection.

Seven Key Points For Enterprises To Pay Attention To In Building Industrial Cold Room

In this situation, Qin Yuming, Secretary General of cold chain logistics professional committee of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, from the professional perspective of cold chain logistics, elaborated the thinking and suggestions on the key issues in the construction of industrial cold room for the reference of industrial enterprises.

These three problems should be considered when we plan to build our own industrial cold room

Although it is an old topic, we should pay special attention to it. The key problems are as follows:

First of all, we should realize that compared with the traditional general cargo warehouse, the construction cost of industrial cold room is higher. According to the introduction, the cost of general warehouse includes land, planning and construction, introduction and use of equipment and software system, personnel cost, etc.

However, the construction cost of industrial cold room is about 3000-3500 yuan per square meter, and the construction cost of high-end industrial cold room is about 5000 yuan per square meter or higher.

Second, if it is a traditional food enterprise, there are seasonal differences in the operation of industrial cold room. For example, ice cream manufacturers may have a clear difference between the light and peak seasons. Many enterprises, in the peak season, have a large amount of warehouse in and out, while in the off-season, there are few or even idle refrigerators.

Third, the business volume should be considered. If e-commerce is the main business, enterprises should consider whether the profitability can support the operating cost of industrial cold room.

In addition, the construction of industrial cold room also involves food safety issues. Enterprises should be more careful to see if they can achieve compliance.

Therefore, Qin Yuming believes that no matter e-commerce enterprises or traditional food enterprises, they can consider outsourcing cold chain logistics to a third party for storage and transportation, which is more conducive to cost control.

Four preparations should be made to build an industrial cold room

After some understanding, when the enterprise is ready to build an industrial cold room, the problem arises again:

First, why? Qin Yuming introduced that some enterprises are preparing to build a warehouse as a third-party warehouse, which is ultimately based on the condition of convenient transportation, but not too clear about the situation of the industrial chain, such as whether the surrounding areas of the cold storage and upstream and downstream enterprises can provide stable business volume. At this time, if you venture to invest, it will also lead to the embarrassing situation of "being left out".

Second, what kind of library should be built? This is related to the characteristics of segment industries and products. In the research, the cold storage is divided into ultra-low temperature storage, quick freezing storage, freezing storage, cold storage, air conditioning storage, etc. according to the temperature range; according to the function, it is divided into processing type, storage type, distribution type, wholesale market type, residential type, etc.

Qin said that in the future, there will be fewer and fewer single function refrigerators. At present, the construction of industrial cold room should develop to multi-functional direction, that is, an industrial cold room has not only storage function but also distribution, processing, sorting, packaging, refrigeration and other functions. This is a comprehensive conclusion of enterprise investment, operational efficiency and supply chain and other materials.

Third, how to balance the construction cost? In practice, the construction cost of industrial cold room is easy to become the focus of many enterprises, while the later operation cost is not considered enough. In fact, the high-end cold storage with high construction cost and large investment often shows its benefits in the later stage.

Fourth, whether the more advanced the warehouse technology is, the better. At present, the application of automation technology in the industrial cold room can indeed improve the operation efficiency, but the intensive storage technology tests the logistics standardization even more. Enterprises need to refer to technical experts and adaptability of enterprises when choosing.

In a word, the decision-making of building industrial cold room should be combined with the situation of itself and the market. As an industry organization, CFIUS cold chain committee will play a reasonable guiding role. At the same time, in recent years, cold chain Committee has also cooperated with the state to formulate a number of national standards and industry standards. In cooperation with the National Standards Committee and the Ministry of Commerce, a large number of backward and similar cold chain standards have been cleaned up and integrated to actively promote the formulation of mandatory cold chain standards.

Industrial cold room is only one part of the cold chain logistics, and the construction of the cold chain logistics system of enterprises needs to work hard from the aspects of transportation, warehouse distribution and system intelligence.