What is Containerized Cold Storage Room
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The so-called containerized cold storage room is a special designed container which has certain heat insulation performance, can maintain a certain low temperature, and is suitable for all kinds of food refrigerated storage and transportation. The containerized cold storage room appeared in the late 1960s. The containerized cold storage room has a light steel frame, with steel plate or light metal plate attached inside and outside, and heat insulation material filled between the two plates. Commonly used insulation materials are glass wool, polystyrene, foamed polyurethane vinegar, etc. The following is a brief introduction of what is containerized cold storage room related information.

What is Containerized Cold Storage Room

Main features of containerized cold storage rooms

1. It has the advantages of high utilization rate of loading capacity, flexible operation and scheduling, and strong economy.

2. containerized cold storage rooms can be hoisted in a whole container, with high loading and unloading efficiency and relatively low transportation cost. The structure and technical performance of the new containerized cold storage room are more reasonable and advanced, and it has wide applicability.

3. Under certain conditions, containerized cold storage rooms can be used. It can be used as a movable cold storage to adjust market supply and bring good economic benefits to marketers.

4. The containerized cold storage room can be used for multi-modal transportation without changing the cargo, and the cargo can be kept at the required low temperature continuously.

5. For the domestic and international "cold chain" transportation, the "country to country" direct transportation can be realized from the place of origin to the point of sale, which provides the best storage and transportation conditions for ensuring the freshness of all kinds of food.

Suitable cargo for containerized cold storage room

1. Fish, meat, egg paste and other frozen goods;

2. Meat, citrus, melon, cheese and other low-temperature goods;

3. Film, some drugs and other goods that need to be kept at a certain temperature.

General requirements for use of containerized cold storage rooms

1. The original quality of the refrigerated or frozen goods should be checked after the containerized cold storage room is loaded and explained in the manifest

2. In the process of packing, the principle of loading and stacking should be strict to avoid uneven cooling caused by cold air short circuit and reduce the refrigeration efficiency of refrigeration device;

3. When refrigerated goods are transported for a long distance, the temperature difference between the set temperature in the box and the actual temperature should not exceed 3 ℃. If refrigerated goods are transported, the temperature error should not be greater than 0.5. C. It is better not to exceed 0.25 ℃;

4. When transporting fresh fruits and vegetables in containers, the vent should be opened in time for ventilation, but when transporting frozen goods, the vent should be closed;

5. When transporting the cooling goods packed in cartons, timely ventilation should be carried out according to the outdoor air temperature and humidity to keep the air in the box dry and prevent condensation on the outer surface of the box.