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What should be paid attention to when mixing fruits in containerized cold storage room
 Jun 02, 2022|View:205

The temperature is the main condition for mixing fruits in containerized cold storage room. The closer the refrigeration temperature, the better the fruits and vegetables. Since fruits and vegetables are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, cold temperatures can reduce the intensity of breathing, but cold temperatures can cause frostbite. High temperatures not only increase breathing intensity and speed up ripening, but also reduce corrosion resistance and cause spots and discoloration.

Relative humidity is an important condition for mixing fruits in containerized cold storage room. Too much relative humidity can lead to spoilage, and too little can cause dehydration, discoloration and loss of freshness. Most fruits and vegetables usually require 85 to 90 percent relative temperature.

containerized cold storage room

Breathing is also an important factor when mixing fruits in container freezers. The respiration of fruits and vegetables produces small amounts of ethylene (ripening agent), which can cause some fruits and vegetables to rot prematurely. Fruits and vegetables that produce more ethylene gas should not be mixed with ethylene sensitive fruits and vegetables.

It can be seen that the requirements for containerized cold storage room of mixed fruits are relatively high, and attention should be paid to temperature, humidity and air circulation, which is an important consideration for containerized cold storage room manufacturers.

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