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Factors influencing the cost of containerized cold storage room
 May 23, 2022|View:303

The price of containerized cold storage room mainly depends on the scale of construction and temperature requirements. The design scheme of cold storage is different at the same time, the cost will also change to some extent, and the price of cold storage has no fixed value. According to the needs of investors, a reasonable cold storage quotation scheme is designed. Cold storage construction price will be affected by many factors.

1. Thermal insulation material:

Containerized cold storage room heat preservation material is also one of the factors that affected the cold storage cost, cold storage insulation materials are generally adopts polyurethane or polystyrene, actually the heat preservation effect of the two kinds of materials and material price difference is very big, polystyrene foam board, it has the advantage of cheap, but the heat preservation performance is poor, generally can only be used to 0 degrees above the refrigerator, and number of years for a long time is easy to deformation. And polyurethane library board is commonly used, the advantages are greater than polystyrene board, but the price is much higher.

containerized cold storage room

2, refrigeration equipment:

Refrigeration equipment is divided into many kinds, mainly for condenser, evaporator, compressor and so on, refrigeration equipment is an important cost of cold storage. In addition, brand factors will also determine the price of equipment. Generally, we recommend customers to choose large brand refrigeration equipment. Brand equipment is guaranteed, and the performance is more stable in the later use.

3. Accessory Costs:

Such as cooling towers, pumps, pipes, liquid storage tanks, separators, lines, switches, etc. The number and price of these accessories are directly proportional to the size of the cold storage, so the larger the cold storage, the more cold storage accessories are used, the higher the cost.

4. Installation cost:

Containerized cold storage room installation costs are composed of site construction difficulty, construction cycle and travel costs. If the cold storage installation address is too partial, too far will increase the corresponding labor costs, freight costs and so on, so according to the cold storage construction cycle and different address will also affect the cold storage quotation.

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