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Intelligent three - dimensional freezer has the following major characteristics
 Oct 28, 2019|View:25

1. The control system and mechanical equipment of taiyuan corundum co., LTD,which is the exclusive manufacturer of ultra-low temperature automatic three-dimensional warehouse in China, are adopted in the warehouse.The mechanical equipment is mainly operated by ten "intelligent robots", which can enter and leave the warehouse at a speed of more than 120 plates per hour, and can also meet the requirements of multiple 12-88 cubic cars in size.Compared with pingku, it improves the sound production capacity of labor and replaces the era of carrying goods into the warehouse by manpower.And the control system controls the whole process of entry and exit, and food varieties, quantity, time, storage location, tray bar code and printed date for a detailed record.Microcomputer control printing various bills and bills, accurate, timely, convenient, fast.Shielded the manual accounting mistakes, confusion, difficult to reconcile accounts and other shortcomings.

2, all the use of digital automation refrigeration technology, automatic temperature control, automatic frost filling, microcomputer monitoring and other automatic functions.Compared with the conventional refrigeration equipment, artificial temperature control and artificial frost filling play an important role in human and unsafe factors.It provides a powerful guarantee for the realization of temperature control standard.

3. The main structure of the cold storage is made of polyethylene fireproof material, which features good insulation performance, excellent quality, strict sealing and reasonable design.

4. The typical characteristics of all the three-dimensional library doors are quality first, no deformation, safe and reliable operation, and good insulation performance.The installed automatic system automatically and quickly opens and closes the door by receiving photoelectric and magnetic ring signals.Solve the old hand push door heavy and unsafe and cost labor short life and other shortcomings.

5. The staff of the three-dimensional refrigerator is composed of ten technical personnel graduated from professional colleges and universities.Military administration.Can complete 24 hours a day in and out of storage operations.They have high technical skills, rich practical experience, strong sense of responsibility and good service quality.

6. The three-dimensional library is composed of three areas with different temperatures, which gradually enter the main storage area from low temperature to ultra-low temperature.Between the area and the area all use double layer to lift the door to put open, the door and the door each other alternately open.As a result, there is no alternating convection of hot and cold air in the whole reservoir area, and no fog, frost and moisture.This design is the first in China.Ensure the quality of all food in the warehouse.

7. With the largest professional logistics company in China, we have more than 800 refrigerated vehicles.Can be distributed to all parts of the country at the same time cargo transport.

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