Cold storage can be divided into the following types according to the structure of the storage body
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1. Combined plate refrigerator.

This kind of cold storage is single-layer. The storage board is assembled with lightweight prefabricated heat insulation board with a steel frame. Its load-bearing members are mostly made of thin-walled steel.The inner and outer boards of the library board are all made of colorful steel plates (the substrate is galvanized steel plate). The core material of the library board is foam rigid polyurethane or pasted polystyrene foam board.Because all components except the ground are prefabricated in a complete set in a professional workshop according to the consistent specifications and assembled on the site, the construction progress is fast and the construction cycle is short.

2. Civil refrigeration

This is a kind of freezer that builds more at present, can build monolayer or multilayer.Because it has the advantages of tailoring, adapting to local conditions, brief construction, low cost, consolidation and durability, etc., the main body of building materials obtained in northwest China is generally reinforced concrete frame structure or brick-concrete structure.The enclosure structure of civil refrigerated storage is a heavy structure, with greater thermal inertia, the day and night shaking of outdoor air temperature and the day and night shaking of the surface of the enclosure structure caused by solar radiation, which attenuates greatly in the enclosure structure, so the outer surface temperature shaking of the enclosure structure is smaller, and the temperature of the reservoir is easy to remain unchanged.

3. Soil cover freezer

Also known as the earth cave cold storage, the cave for arch structure, there are single cave type, there is a continuation of the arch way.The common masonry, and the thickness of the loess cover layer as a thermal insulation layer.As a low-temperature soil cover freezer, the root of the cave should be on the sand or bedrock that is not easy to be heaved.