Main points of removing peculiar smell in cold storage
 Oct 28, 2019|View:641

1. Key ozone method for removing odor in cold storage.Ozone has a fierce oxidation dye, not only can eliminate the odor of the cold storage room, but also can avoid the development of microorganisms.Recovery ozone generator, can realize the removal of the smell of the warehouse.If the food containing more fat is stored in the cold storage, it is not appropriate to recycle ozone treatment reward and punishment, so as to avoid fat oxidation and rashing signs.Formaldehyde method.Remove the goods from the refrigerated storage room, sterilize with 2% formaldehyde solution (formalin solution) and remove the odor.The vinegar.The refrigerated storeroom where the fish had been stored had a strong smell.Should not be loaded with the rest of the food, must be thoroughly washed to remove the smell of fish before loading the rest of the food.As usual, the key to get rid of fishy smell is to recycle vinegar.After detailed main point is: the fish out of the cold storage, breaks the evaporation tube group of frost layer on clean, and keep the warehouse under the temperature of 50 ℃, and then press the cold storage warehouse prepared with vinegar amount 50100 grams per cubic meter volume, to the rolls with spray jet, warehouse door closed precision first, off and on to start the blower, let the vinegar volatilization and in the house of the rolls, plenty of the vinegar will receive fishy smell.As usual after about 424 hours to open the door of the cold storage, continuous air blowing hours can be vinegar taste out of the storage.

2, the cause of the smell in the cold storage caused by the so-called smell, that is, the cooking materials and food in the cold storage under the influence of external factors, through physical and chemical changes, a kind of abnormal smell, over time, this smell on the cold storage walls, ceiling and equipment and equipment.The peculiar smell in the freezer, as usual, has the following causes: there is an peculiar smell in the freezer before the food is put in.Before the food into the cold storage has erosive deterioration signs, such as spoiled eggs, meat, fish and so on.Cold storage of fish, unwashed storage of meat, eggs, raw fruits and vegetables, etc.Cold storage ventilation is not free, temperature, wet over large, resulting in a large number of mold breeding, mildew.Leakage of refrigerating pipes in the freezer and corrosion of refrigerant (ammonia) into the food result in odor.Cold storage temperature does not fall, resulting in meat deterioration erosion.This kind of environment produces more in fresh meat did not freeze, freeze through namely turn storehouse to store.Different smells of food stored in a cold storage room, resulting in food contamination.

3, to prevent the odor of the cold storage to receive the cold storage of food, must review, no deterioration can be put into storage.The refrigerated warehouse shall not have peculiar smell before restocking.If there is an odor, must deal with the skills of reward and punishment, remove the odor can be exercised.Generally, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of refrigerating equipment. It is strictly prohibited to dump and unload, in case of breaking the pipeline and causing refrigerant leakage.In the process of cold processing, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the cold storage room. It is not allowed to transfer or store frozen food.If the temperature of the cold storage room does not drop, the cause should be found, to be removed after the food processing.There can be no confusion over the storage of contagious food in the freezer.