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Which is better, Air Cooled Cold Room or Water Cooled Cold Room
 Jan 08, 2020|View:398

Which is better, air cooled cold room or water cooled cold room? In fact, this problem is well explained. If it is a large refrigeration system, it is recommended to choose a water-cooled refrigerator; if it is a small and medium-sized high-temperature refrigerator, it is recommended to use air cooled cold room. In fact, according to the actual need for refrigeration and the size of the cold storage, we know what refrigeration system to choose. Then, let's briefly explain the selection of the refrigeration system.

Which is better, Air Cooled Cold Room or Water Cooled Cold Room

1、 Analysis and comparison of water cooled cold room and air cooled cold room

From the perspective of system structure: the air-cooled unit adopts the air cooling mode (fan cooling); the water-cooled unit adopts the cooling water cooling mode, and the water pump, cooling tower and circulating pipeline are used to cool the unit. Therefore, the air-cooled unit only needs an air-cooled condenser or fan. The water-cooled chiller needs to be equipped with a cooling tower, water pump and circulating pipeline. Water cooling is more complicated than air cooling in structure.

1 from the cooling capacity

The water cooling unit is slightly better than the air cooling unit in terms of cooling capacity and power consumption.

2. Scope of application

The air-cooled refrigeration unit is suitable for the area where the water source is short; the longer the annual operation hours of the refrigeration system, the more favorable the air-cooled refrigeration unit is to be used; the annual comprehensive cost of the air-cooled refrigeration unit is lower than that of the water-cooled system, but if the water-cooled system is managed properly and the water replenishment is controlled below 3%, the annual cost of the water-cooled unit is lower than that of the air-cooled system.

The air-cooled chiller adopts air cooling mode, which eliminates the necessary cooling tower, cooling water pump and pipeline system of the cooling water system, avoids the condenser scaling and water pipe blocking caused by the poor water quality area and also saves water resources. It is the most economical and simple model in the current refrigeration equipment products for maintenance and repair.

3 disadvantages of water-cooled cold storage

For the open cooling circulating water system, as the cooling water absorbs heat and contacts with the air, Co ₂ escapes into the air, the dissolved oxygen and turbidity in the water increase, resulting in four major problems of the cooling circulating water system: corrosion, scaling, bacteria and algae breeding and sludge. If the water quality is not treated, the refrigeration equipment will be seriously damaged, and the heat exchange efficiency will be greatly reduced, resulting in energy waste.

Therefore, it is very important to treat the system water with corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition, sterilization and algae control. The annual cost of water treatment is high, and the effect can not reach 100% scale removal. The quality of cooling circulating water is the key. If the water quality is not treated, the refrigeration equipment and efficiency will be seriously damaged.

4 disadvantages of air-cooled cold storage

The power consumption per unit cooling capacity of air-cooled chiller is slightly higher than that of water-cooled chiller, but the annual comprehensive cost of air-cooled chiller is basically the same as that of water-cooled chiller.

The results of the technical and economic analysis show that it is reasonable to install air-cooled condenser for medium and small refrigeration units. The longer the annual operation time of the refrigeration unit is, the more favorable the air-cooled condensation mode is. The air-cooled units are more suitable for refrigeration in South China. From the cooling conditions, the high wet bulb temperature in South China is also unfavorable to the water-cooled units. The amount of water make-up for cooling water of water-cooling unit is an important factor affecting its cost.

2、 Analysis of evaporative condenser, air-cooled condenser, and water-cooled condenser

Compared with an air-cooled condenser and water-cooled condenser, the power consumption of evaporative condenser is about 1 / 2, and the circulating water is only 1 / 8 of that of the water-cooled condenser. The advantage of the water-cooled condenser and the evaporative condenser is that the condenser has excellent cooling medium and heat transfer performance.

The cooling performance of the evaporative condenser is better than that of the water-cooled condenser. The coefficient of the cooling system and the cooling capacity of the water-cooled condenser are larger than that of the evaporative condenser, but the cost per unit cooling capacity of the evaporative condenser is the lowest and the performance is the best.

The operation and maintenance of air-cooled condensers are the most simple, and the equipment investment is also small, so it is suitable for application in the areas where water resources are scarce. Compared with the air-cooled condenser and water-cooled condenser, the evaporative condenser is more energy-saving, water-saving and superior in the system. The water-cooled condenser is suitable for the occasion of high ambient temperature with a large condensing load.

For applications, the evaporative condensers can be used in large refrigeration units such as screw, screw and piston parallel systems. Water cooling is suitable for medium and small systems. One tower can be used for multiple units, while air cooling is used in small and medium-sized units, one condenser and one unit.

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