Points for attention in the installation and design of Cold Storage for Vegetable and Fruit
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Points for attention in the installation and design of Cold Storage for Vegetable and Fruit

First, storage temperature

Cold Storage for Vegetable and Fruit is to use refrigeration equipment to create suitable temperature and humidity of fruits, vegetables, and other cold storage processing, agricultural product storage space.

storage temperature

The storage temperature of fruits and vegetables is generally 0 ℃? At 15 ℃, the best storage temperature of different fruits and vegetables should be independent according to different temperatures. 0? 2 degrees Celsius. For example, the optimal storage temperature of cabbage, carrot, grape, apple, tomato, cucumber, litchi is about 10 ℃, and the optimal storage temperature of banana, lemon, pumpkin, and other fruits and vegetables is 13? 15 degrees Celsius.

In a word, too high storage temperature will accelerate the aging of fruits and vegetables, too low storage temperature will lead to chilling injury and freezing injury, and at the same time, humidity cold storage should be considered.

Second, role

1. The refrigerated Cold Storage for Vegetable and Fruit can prolong the storage life of fruits and vegetables, usually 0.5 times-l than that of ordinary refrigerated storage, and the biggest profit of the listed sales is the most expensive price for a long time.

2. Vegetables can keep fresh and fragile. After a refrigerated vegetable, vitamin C, hardness, color moisture content, weight can meet the storage requirements. Vegetables and greens, almost the same shape and freshly picked, can provide a high-quality fruit and vegetable market.

3. Fruits and vegetable cold inhibit the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, make vegetables lose weight and reduce the harm of diseases and insect pests.

4. The installation of Cold Storage for Vegetable and Fruit to get rid of the impact of climate makes agricultural products, extend the preservation period, in order to obtain economic benefits.

3、 Key points of installation and design of Cold Storage for Vegetable and Fruit

1, save money

From the customer's point of view, the design of Cold Storage for Vegetable and Fruit with later use cost is very concerned about the customer's problem. We need to reduce the power consumption of cold storage. Saving power will reduce the flow envelope thermal unit of cold storage construction. One is that the thermal conductivity of the insulating material should be small, and the second layer should be a thick envelope. However, the thickness should not be too thick, otherwise, the construction cost and space waste of cold storage will be increased. In addition, in order to reduce solar radiation, the outer wall surface of the absorber is usually painted with white or color light. Construction of vegetable cold storage to prevent the diffusion of water vapor and air infiltration.

2. Consumption of dried fruits and vegetables

Considering the storage loss of fruits and vegetables, the fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables should be cooled and dried as much as possible, which will greatly improve the consumption of fruits and vegetables and the impact of economic income customers.

Consumption of dried fruits and vegetables

Fourth, open fruits and vegetables cold storage and refrigeration

(1) Application of vegetable cold storage: it is suitable for all kinds of vegetables and keeping fresh. Long, high economic benefits

(2) Save. Fresh quality, less than 5% of the total loss. One time investment in cold storage, the service life of up to 30 years, very significant economic benefits. One year's investment, that year effective.

(3) Fresh vegetables are easy to refrigerate and maintain. Refrigeration equipment, microcomputer temperature control, automatic start, stop, without special care, supporting technology, economic and practical. Fresh vegetables, cold storage is a relatively advanced facility for fresh fruits and vegetables at home and abroad.

5、 Cost/quotation of Cold Storage for Vegetable and Fruit

The cost method of fruits and vegetables in cold storage is the same as other classification requirements. Fruits and vegetables provide the size (length, width, height) or tonnage of the cold storage that the enterprise executives need to build. Pay attention to the construction of the cold storage, and the requirements for the construction and performance of fruit cold storage facilities and vegetables.