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What problems should be paid attention to in the installation and use of Polyurethane Cold Room?
 Jul 03, 2020|View:117

What problems should be paid attention to in the installation and use of Polyurethane Cold Room?

The polyurethane cold room installation storage body is composed of the base plate, the base plate, the wall plate and the roof plate. The base plate is installed on the ground after leveling. The main function of the base plate is to adjust the level of the ground, to prevent moisture and rust. The base plate and the wall plate of the storage body are assembled by the storage plates of different specifications. The storage plates are connected by hooks, and the joints between the plates are sealed to prevent leakage of cold. The bottom plate is composed of a convex bottom plate, a middle bottom plate and a concave bottom plate. The roof is composed of a convex roof, a middle roof and a concave roof.

What problems should be paid attention to in the installation and use of Polyurethane Cold Room?

WALLBOARD CENT EXTERIOR WALL and storehouse inside partition two kinds? The outer wall is composed of Corner Board, Double Convex Wall Board, Convex Concave Wall Board and Double Concave Wall Board. The Corner Plate is located at the four corners of the storage body. Each complete cold storage has four corner plates. Each side does not install warehouse door on the wall must have a double convex wallboard, the rest is convex concave wallboard. The partition wall is used to divide a storehouse into two compartments, which are used for different food storage.

What are the installation requirements for polyurethane cold room?

Composite Polyurethane cold room floor should be dry, flat, hard, generally concrete surface, can also be used in concrete. Level the floor surface with a level. The recesses are levelled with cement mortar. The cold storage should have proper drainage position. If installed in the outdoor, users have to set up awning, to ensure that the warehouse body from the Sun and rain. The door should be open to the wind and away from the source of pollution. The floor elevation shall be higher than the surrounding ground to prevent water from entering the reservoir on rainy days. When installed indoors, the indoor net height shall be at least half a meter above the upper surface of the roof of the warehouse. If the unit is placed on the roof, the room net height shall be 1.8 m higher than the upper surface of the roof?

What problems should be paid attention to in the use of polyurethane cold room?

1. Temperature: It is the key to control the temperature in the cold storage by using the fresh technology. As a short-term storage of fresh vegetable products, the temperature in the cold storage should be controlled at 2 ~ 4 °C, for the susceptible vegetables (such as cucumber, Zucchini, Balsam Pear, etc.) can be put in the cold storage at 5 ~ 7 °C, or take such heat preservation measures as covering with cotton quilt, to keep the vegetables from freezing. Aging vegetables such as garlic sprouts and Broccoli should be stored at 0 °C or so. In order to ensure the quality of the finished vegetable and avoid the drastic temperature change, the respiration of the vegetable is enhanced, and the dressing and film covering of the vegetable should also be carried out at 2 ~ 5

2. Humidity: In order to ensure the freshness of vegetables and reduce the loss of water wilting, the humidity should be controlled at 80% ~ 95% during storage and processing. And in the storage process, according to the storage volume and temperature situation, pay attention to ventilation at any time.

3. appropriate drying: lentinus Edodes, onions, ginger and other surface water content of the larger varieties, before storage must be appropriate drying, reduce its covered in vegetables on the surface of the water, to extend the storage period.

4. to prevent piling: The vegetables into storage should be neatly placed on the shelves, or piling on the storage, to prevent piling too high pressure on the vegetables caused by mechanical damage or piling heat, leading to the decline in vegetable quality.

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