After The Rise Of Internet Economy, How Should Cold Room for Wholesalers Enterprises Grasp The Opportunity
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After The Rise Of Internet Economy, How Should Cold Room for Wholesalers Enterprises Grasp The Opportunity

In recent years, the cold room for wholesales has maintained a high growth momentum, attracting a large number of capital and talent injection; pushed the industry to a new height, more people to join the cold room wholesales market saturation state. These two years of the market downturn so that the entire industry operators Koori no ue Ni Tatsu Yo ni, lest become the industry in the storm of the eliminations.


The layout of the terminal storefront is also an important part of a store, which has a great influence on sales volume. In the dealer's view, the model is also a large investment in the store, can not be underestimated, so the dealer is very concerned about the choice of the model. On the market to buy to see, can be based on pyramid analysis to analyze.

According to industry sources, two points should be considered first. First, according to the analysis of terminal retail transactions, the product itself is an important motivation for consumers to produce purchasing motivation and purchasing behavior, many customers decide whether to buy this set based on their first-hand feelings and likes. If the model is not chosen properly, they will miss the opportunity to close a deal. Second, the product is a large-piece custom-made product, and the total price of each set is relatively high, the area is relatively large and must be decorated to create a sales atmosphere, so once the sample, if not appropriate, replacement costs are higher.

It is not realistic for a dealer to open a shop and try to win all the customers in one go, so it is necessary to have a clear target market and target customers. Target market and the choice of target customers, simple to divide, is the low, middle and high three grades of the pyramid-shaped market pattern. The middle class represents the well-to-do level or middle class in China, while the upper class represents the middle-rich or rich class. Distributors lock their target market and customers according to the brand positioning and product positioning of their agents; the majority of low-grade consumer groups are generally in the mainland's secondary and tertiary markets. They to the durable consumer goods such as the custom-made product's consumption idea and the consumptive consciousness are relatively weak. From the point of view of satisfying the public consumers, the distributor model mainly considers the economic applicability, the color is rich, the product function should be more suitable for its use, and the appropriate consideration should be given to the use of noble products as the flagship image of the store.

Most of the middle-class consumer markets are concentrated in the coastal developed and emerging cities and some top 100 counties. The quality of consumer groups is relatively high, and they have certain ability of appreciation and judgment. In this level of consumer groups in the market, distributors to consider the model can highlight their brand style and advantages, product details and high cost-effective.

In the relatively high-end consumer market, mainly concentrated in the developed first-line market goods super-market. The knowledge level, cultural quality and consumption consciousness of the primary market consumer group are relatively high, and they have high expectations for the unique, scientific and technological sense and the sense of value of the products. Dealers in this type of market model selection, to reflect elegance, fashion, romantic, warm, noble and other tastes and connotation; but also to highlight the personality and differences, such as in the functional configuration can do some intelligent, human-based configuration, more high-tech stuff that's different. The vitality of the brand comes from the core value of the brand and the place of brand recognition in the consumers'mind. Every detail of the terminal storefront should reflect the personality and connotation of the brand as far as possible, and give consumers clear psychological hints.