Grasp The Six aspects of reform and innovation to promote the sustainable development of Blast Freezer Cold Room Engineering Enterprises
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Grasp The Six aspects of reform and innovation to promote the sustainable development of Blast Freezer Cold Room Engineering Enterprises

In the face of the intense competitive pressure of the market, many problems start to restrict the development of the engineering enterprises of the blast freezer cold room, and many enterprises begin to realize the crisis gradually, and carry on the transformation and upgrading to promote the sustainable development of the enterprises, therefore, in the process of enterprise transformation and upgrading, reform and innovation is undoubtedly an effective way, but how to carry out reform and innovation? Blast freezer cold room engineering enterprises can grasp these six aspects.

Grasp The Six aspects of reform and innovation to promote the sustainable development of Blast Freezer Cold Room Engineering Enterprises

I. Reform and Innovation of the mechanism, system and system

The innovation of system and mechanism is the power source of enterprise development and the magic weapon of market competition. The big advantage of private enterprises is clear property rights and strong motivation. But the other side of this advantage is closed property rights, weak force. Under the impact of the financial crisis, many private enterprises see their weakness and begin to restructure their assets and integrate their resources. In addition, management system, enterprise culture system, market system, distribution system and so on must carry on the comprehensive reform innovation, if only the unilateral reform breakthrough, or difficult to obtain the effect.

Second, change the traditional ideas

Consciousness is the direction of behavior, and the key to the reform and innovation in institutional mechanism, management and technological innovation is to carry out the reform of ideas, other reforms and developments will be stymied. The country's future economic development is likely to move in the direction of openness and economic liberalization, giving greater opportunities to civil society and greater economic participation. This undoubtedly gives the enterprise huge development opportunity, but if the enterprise also continues the old idea, the future road will be more difficult. Therefore, the enterprises need to break through the old ideas, concepts, systems and mechanisms that affect and restrict the development, and to reform and innovate the systems and mechanisms.

Reform and innovation of Management Mode

A lot of it is family owned. Family business can not be denied, but family-style management can not be denied. In the early stage of enterprise development, family management caters for the needs of enterprise development, operating flexibility, cost saving and efficient decision-making. However, with the development of the enterprise, the family management has become an obstacle to the further development of the enterprise, which makes the management of talents, production, marketing, market and brand difficult to be effective.

IV. Reform and innovation of business model

At present, the enterprise in the management of the big skill is to play "price war" , often make "lose-lose" . Many enterprises have not formed a chain, there is no reliable, characteristic supply, sales channels, market operation, marketing model is the same. Therefore, the enterprise urgently needs to innovate in the management pattern.

V. Technological Innovation

Enterprises are "dynamic, lack of strength" to technological innovation, really do their own research and development of things few, master the core technology is very few, so there is no pricing power. This problem and the second problem are interrelated, the system has not changed, the management has not changed, the problem of innovation is not easy to solve. To solve the system and management problems in the process, to attract a large number of people together with innovation.

VI. Enhancing awareness of risk prevention

Now, some enterprises usually feel very good, once the crisis came, the cold, corporate performance continued to decline, and some even in the edge of loss force. Therefore, enterprises must have measures and mechanisms to guard against risks. In this regard, enterprises can not blindly blame the environment is not good, to find reasons from their own, their own reform.

In the course of the development of enterprises, seeking stability is not an unchanging traditional idea. Reform and innovation are the driving force for the healthy development of enterprises. The future will be a new era that stresses the adjustment of enterprise structure and the innovation of development methods, in order to stand firm in the new era, enterprises must carry out reform and innovation, find the development path suitable for enterprises to transform and upgrade, change the original way of thinking, make products more close to consumer demand, only in this way, enterprises can adapt to the future market environment development.