What Problems Should Be Noticed In The Construction Of Air Cooled Cold Room
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What Problems Should Be Noticed In The Construction Of  Air Cooled Cold Room

Selection of materials for air cooled cold room

Small air cooled cold room is usually made of spray-painted steel plate, rigid polyurethane foam or high-density polystyrene as insulation material, which has the characteristics of good rigidity, high strength, good heat insulation and flame retardant

What Problems Should Be Noticed In The Construction Of Air Cooled Cold Room

The storage body is usually connected by eccentric hook or foamed on the spot with embedded parts in the wall, which has good sealing, easy disassembly, handling and so on.

Selection of air cooled cold room equipment

The heart of refrigerating equipment in air cooled cold room is refrigerating unit, the common type of refrigerating unit is advanced fluorine refrigerating equipment, and the fluorine refrigerating equipment mostly uses refrigerant R22 and other new refrigerants which have little influence on environment. Fluorine refrigeration equipment generally small size, low noise, reliable, high degree of automation, wide range of use

The combination of chillers and condensers used in air cooled cold room is often called refrigerating unit. chillers are divided into water-cooled and cold room evaporator. Small air cooled cold room has multiple air-cooled units, it is simple, compact, easy to install, easy to operate, less accessory equipment and so on

The refrigerator of refrigeration unit is the heart of refrigeration equipment, there are open, semi-closed and full-closed, full-closed small volume, low noise, low power consumption, energy saving. Air Cooled Cold Room will generally choose a fully closed. Now on the market relatively good full-enclosed refrigeration compressor, to developed countries imported or sino-foreign joint venture refrigeration equipment product quality is more reliable, but the price relative to the domestic machine to be higher than 50%

Design essentials of air cooled cold room

The temperature of air cooled cold room is below 0° (-16°) , the small assembled air cooled cold room needs to be installed on the ground with 10 channel steel overhead, so that it can be naturally ventilated. Small air cooled cold room, Air cooled cold room temperature 5° ~-25° , warehouse plate can be directly in contact with the ground, but you have to level off. If the requirements are higher, Air Cooled Cold Room can be placed below the wooden, overhead to enhance communication.