Characteristics And Application Advantages Of Deep Freezer Cold Room
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Characteristics And Application Advantages Of Deep Freezer Cold Room

Generally, the temperature of deep freezer cold room is 15-35 degrees below zero. It is mainly used for low-temperature freezing of food, medicine, chemical raw materials, etc., which has certain temperature requirements.By deep freezer cold room:

1. can effectively inhibit cell respiration, maintain the quality and smell of the article, reduce the consumption of its own substances.

Characteristics and application advantages of Deep Freezer Cold Room

2. reduce water loss, maintain the freshness of the article.

3. Prevent bacterial breeding and reduce the decay efficiency of fresh food.The advantages of deep freezer cold room make it widely used in home enterprises, etc.

4. The existence of cold room can avoid the generation of large ice crystals between cells, effectively reduce water outflow and juice loss.

5. The contact time between the concentrated solute inside the cell and various components of food tissue is shortened, which effectively avoids the harmfulness of the concentrated substance.


Lowering the temperature below the activity temperature of microorganisms can inhibit the biochemical reaction of microorganisms and the survival rate of bacteria. Deep freezer cold room adopts frost-free freezing method and micro-computer control system, with advanced refrigeration technology and novel quick-freezing materials, and the cold room plate wall is produced by a unified mold, which is convenient for loading, unloading and handling after internal connection.