How Much Does It Cost To Build An Industrial Cold Room?
 Aug 18, 2020|View:472

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Industrial Cold Room?

If you want to build an industrial cold room, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is how much does it cost to build? In fact, this is a very general question, there is no specific answer, because the construction of industrial cold room is a project, need to be very detailed comprehensive. It's not like a piece of furniture or a product in a mall has a price tag. But let's look at some of the factors that affect cost:

 How Much Does It Cost To Build An Industrial Cold Room?

1. Decide which city and which site to build the industrial cold room in. (prices and land values vary from city to city, and the first cost is different.) There is also the case of a factory building that has been converted into an industrial cold room on the basis of a factory building, this type of situation can result in significant cost savings in this regard.


2. After the site is selected, the structure of industrial cold room should be determined. The structure of industrial cold room can be divided into steel structure and brick-concrete structure. Steel has a longer life, but costs go up.


3. Once the structure is in place, consider whether it is necessary to properly divide the industrial cold rooms, as different goods may not be suitable for storage in one space. Also consider whether to build a single-storey or multi-storey, depending on their own volume of demand.


4. the choice of insulation materials, general insulation materials are divided into different levels, try to choose a good sealing, reduce the temperature difference.


5. the most important is the composition of refrigeration equipment, according to their industrial cold room required temperature, size, choose what brand, what level of chiller. In general, the lower the temperature of the industrial cold room, the faster the refrigeration requirements, so the performance of this machine equipment is better. Generally more well-known brands are: Buzel, Gu Lun. A good refrigeration unit cost ratio will be relatively large. But the service life is more long, the later period maintenance rate maintenance cost also can be low.


6. Other construction and accessories such as: Platform Number Setting, engine room, access, Operation Room, piping, plumbing, etc. .