Selection of Bitzer Cold Room Compressor
 Nov 25, 2020|View:601

Bitzer cold room compressor is one of the main equipment in cold storage. The correct type selection is very important. The refrigerating capacity of Bitzer cold room compressor and the power of matched motor are closely related to evaporation temperature and condensation temperature.

Condensation temperature and evaporation temperature are the main parameters of Bitzer cold room compressor, which are called refrigeration conditions. After the refrigeration load of the cold storage is calculated, the compressor unit with suitable refrigeration capacity can be selected.

The most commonly used Bitzer cold room compressor in cold storage system is piston type and screw type. Now scroll compressor has gradually become the most commonly used compressor in small cold storage system.

Selection of Bitzer Cold Room Compressor

General principles for selection of Bitzer cold room compressor

1. The refrigeration capacity of the compressor should meet the requirements of the maximum load of the cold storage in peak season. Generally, the unit is not used.

2. The determination of single machine capacity and number should be based on the factors such as convenient energy regulation and change of refrigeration object working conditions. Large compressors should be selected for cold storage with large refrigeration load to prevent excessive number of machines. The number of compressors for large cold storage should not be less than two, and one for life service type cold storage.

3. According to the calculation of compression ratio, select the appropriate compressor. For Freon compressor, single-stage compressor is selected when compression ratio is less than 10, and double-stage compressor is selected when compression ratio is greater than 10.

4. When selecting multiple compressors, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the possibility of mutual standby and parts exchange between units. The compressor model of one unit should adopt the same series or the same model.

5. The working conditions of refrigeration compressor should meet the basic design conditions as far as possible, and the working conditions should not exceed the operation range specified by the compressor manufacturer. With the development of refrigeration control technology, the compressor set controlled by microcomputer is an ideal choice.

6. Due to the structural characteristics of screw compressor, its volume ratio changes with the change of operating conditions, so the screw compressor can adapt to different operating conditions. The single-stage compression ratio of screw compressor is large, there is a wide range of operating conditions, and there is an economy, so it can obtain higher operation efficiency.

7. Due to its high efficiency, low noise and stable operation, scroll compressor has been paid more and more attention in recent years, and it is widely used in small and medium-sized cold storage projects.