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Features and Benefits of Containerized Cold Storage Room
 Sep 09, 2021|View:28

For traditional cold storage needs to occupy construction land index, Containerized Cold Storage Room can effectively solve the demand of farmers, cooperatives, agricultural companies, etc. for cold storage; at the same time, it can also be remotely monitored by cell phone, users can understand the status of cold storage in real time and regulate it. It is safe and environmentally friendly, with fireproof insulation panels, non-pollution, corrosion resistance, low noise, and does not take up more space, helping to modernize agriculture.

Containerized Cold Storage Room

Containerized Cold Storage Room has the following features.

I. Refrigeration

1. electronic expansion valve fuzzy control - rapid cooling of the cold storage room.

2. thermal fluorine overall defrosting - intelligent, with frost defrosting, without frost not removed.

3. condensing fan infinitely adjustable speed - reduce energy consumption, reduce noise.

4. easy installation and maintenance, plug-in start, unattended.

5. wide range of refrigeration adjustment temperature, from -18℃ to 15℃, adjustment accuracy up to 0.1 degree.

6. cold air circulation in the library, uniform temperature field.

7. no excessive requirements for the use of the environment (to do properly to prevent rain, sun, natural disasters can be).

Containerized Cold Storage Room with IOT function

Cold Union mobile cold storage room will be a highly integrated application of Internet of Things technology, big data and cloud computing technology and many other technologies, and customers can use the cell phone APP to achieve real-time monitoring and early warning of the temperature and humidity, current, high voltage, low voltage and other parameters of the cold storage room, as well as the cold storage room operating status information, users can understand all the operating information of the cold storage room online in real time through the cell phone APP at any time and anywhere.

The main functions that users can achieve through the cell phone APP include.

1. understanding the current operating status of the cold storage, such as in cooling, in standby, melting frost, etc.

2. real-time monitoring of the cold storage parameters, such as temperature, temperature difference, current, high pressure, low pressure, etc.

3. adjusting temperature parameters and controlling equipment switches.

4. real-time view of the temperature changes in the cold storage in the recent period.

5. fault warning, if the cold storage abnormalities occur, the mobile app can promptly alarm, the cold storage site can achieve unattended.

6. Intelligent control and centralized control, multiple cold storage temperature settings individually, without interference with each other; for the same cold storage, can be set to monitor a single person or multiple people at the same time, to provide users with convenient equipment management.

Containerized Cold Storage Room pruduct details

Containerized Cold Storage Room's scope of application: orchards, construction sites, factories, food storage, etc.

Advantages of the Containerized Cold Storage Room.

1. The refrigeration equipment and the insulation storage body are of integrated design, compact structure and high refrigeration efficiency.

2. all process procedures are installed and commissioned in the factory, to avoid off-site installation cycle is long, unstable quality and other complex factors.

3. Convenient for the overall transportation and movement, can be relocated as a whole without disassembly, can be used as a cold storage, but also frequent replacement of the use of places.

4. No civil construction requirements, ordinary ground can be.

5. easy to operate, can be connected to electricity to run.

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